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How long does a suppressor cover last?

In extreme, destructive testing, the cover can handle up to 8 semi-auto magazine dumps with 1s/round fire rate, 2 minutes between magazine changes on a 16 inch barrel and 7" AAC suppressor. It is possible the shooter will observe suppressor temperatures exceeding 1000F during this testing.

Under normal usage, you can expect the cover to last and perform indefinitely. 

Other suppressor-related products on the market are more of a wrap with cords. They claim temperature tolerance up to 3000F.

These products are generally referred to as wraps.  A wrap can look very stylish, and can also serve the purpose of appropriate camouflage. They are primarily used for reducing heat mirage for long-range/sniper situations where the magnification of the optics can be impaired with mirage. While these products serve a purpose and are tolerant to extreme temperatures, they do break down under intense heat exposure and while they are designed to handle high-heat thresholds, they increase the temperature of the suppressors, and do little to protect a shooter from burns with accidental contact with the suppressor cover. The typical cost of this suppressor is 3-4 times more expensive than the KoolHand silicone-based suppressor cover. These products may consist of materials such as Kevlar, Nomex, Cordura, Shock Cord and possibly silicone adhesives, sometimes in a 2-part assembly.